Acurete data for complex projects.

More than 200.000 interviews conducted for more than 500 research projects.

Our solutions

Mystery shopping service in Brazil

We provide mystery shopping service nation wide, with thousands of trained shoppers avaible.

Market research in Brazil

Market research with both qualitative (focus groups and in deep interview) and quantitative (face-to-face surveys and CATI) techniques.

We have field teams in every brazilian state.

Socio-economic diagnostics in Brazil

Socioeconomic diagnosis is a complex survey, tailored to measure impacts and characteristics of a particular group, community or city.

Political poll company in Brazil

.We conduct political polls in every brazilian city, state or nation wide.

Data collection methods

Pesquisa presencial face a face

Nationwide face-to-face surveys

Pesquisa por telefone CATI

Nationwide telephone surveys – CATI

Pesquisa qualitativa com grupo focal

Focus groups

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